How many Kilograms of cake would I need for my event?

Normally 1kg cake is good for about 10 to 12 persons, so much so that each person gets 1 regular serving. If you feel the guest might go for a second helping, then you may require to increase the number of kgs to 1.5. So for a party about 30 guest we recommend a 2.5 to 3kgs of cake.


Do you make egg-free cakes?

Yes, we have a unique expertise in making egg-free cakes in-fact it is our forte. You should know, that our egg-free cakes are not only 100% vegetarian but they also prepared in separate containers and displayed in a dedicated egg-free counters to avoid any cross-contamination with egg-cakes.


I want take the cake to my child’s school, so what flavor would you recommend?

Most of the schools and nurseries have restrictions on allowing anything with nuts, hence whatever flavor you order, just ensure that it is nut-free. Also you first check with the school or nursery if they have any other special requirements.


Do you deliver?

Yes, we do deliver across Dubai and also in some parts of Sharjah, however delivery charges and minimum orders are applicable to different areas depending on the proximity of the delivery area from our outlets.


Do you make edible picture print cakes?

Yes, we do make edible picture cakes. These cost AED 50/- extra over any of our classic cake prices. For e.g. a regular Dutch Truffle cake is AED 90 per kilo; an edible picture cake in a Dutch Truffle flavor will cost you AED 90 + 50 i.e. AED 140 for 1 kilo.


Should I order the cake in advance, if yes, then how many days prior should I place an order?

It is always advisable to order the cake in advance to avoid disappointment of not getting your favorite flavor and to ensure that you always get the freshest cakes. For regular or classic cakes, you should place an order 24 hours prior and for customized cakes order needs to be placed 3 or 4 days in advance.


What are minimum weight (Kg) requirements for a customized cake?

Though the minimum weight requirement for any customized cake depends on the design and theme, as a standard practice we require a minimum of 1.5kg for any single layered customized cake.


What are the most popular flavors for customized cakes?

Some of our all-time best-sellers for customized cakes are the Dutch Truffle, Zebra Torte, Swiss Magic or Chocolate Nougat, which are hit among kids and as well as adults. Whereas for adults looking are more exotic flavors can also choose a Devils Delight, Velvety Decadence, Saffron Pistachio, Strawberry Fraiser etc.


When I order a customized cake; for e.g. a 3kg customized cake; then is the weight of the fondant and the sugar-paste characters also included in the 3kg cake weight thereby giving me lesser of the actual cake?

No, when you order for e.g. a 3kg customized cake, the weight of the actual cake base is 3kg and all the fondant and the sugar-paste characters are extra. Therefore, the 3kg cake that you pay for would actually weight more than 3kgs as we do not include the weight of the fondant & sugar-paste characters in the weight of the cake, thereby giving more of the actual cake.


What are the weight (Kg) requirements for multi-tier cakes?

Though the weight (kg) requirements for any cake depends on the design and the theme, as standard practice 2 tier cakes require minimum 3kgs & above, 3 tier cakes require minimum 5kgs & above and 4 tier cakes require minimum 7.5kgs & above.


I don’t like the hard fondant coating on the cake, what other options do I have?

If you do not like the fondant coating on your cake, you can go for other options like either fresh cream or butter cream. However, in doing so, please bear in mind that you cannot get the same finishing and look in fresh cream or butter cream as you would get in fondant. Also some designs are not possible to make in fresh or butter cream and have to only be made with a fondant coating.


I have my own design for a cake, can you replicate the same?

Yes, we can make a cake according to your design, however we need to first see the design and run it through our chefs to understand the possibility of replicating the design, minimum weight required etc. Also, since designing a cake is a manual art, replicating a cake exactly as per the design will not be possible and at times there be a slight variation in the design that you provide and the cake that is made.


How long can the cake be kept outside the fridge in a AC environment?

Regular or classic cakes can be kept outside a fridge but in an AC environment (18 to 22 degrees) for about 3 to 4 hours whereas customized cakes can be kept outside the fridge for maximum 1 to 2 hours. However please note that cheesecakes, mousse cakes, ice-cream cakes & fresh cream cakes cannot be kept outside the fridge and should be strictly stored in a fridge.


How should I handle a cake once I have collected it?

Once you have collected your cake and you plan to take it along in a car, you should place it on an even surface (no tilting), put the AC on a cooler than usual temperature, drive carefully avoiding any sudden bumps or steep turns and as soon as you reach your destination put the cake in a fridge for some time before cutting it.


Do you deliver to India?

Yes, through our net-work of retail outlets in Mumbai, Pune & Ahmedabad we provide delivery services to these 3 cities in India. All you need to do, is book an order with us here in Dubai at-least 48 hours prior to the scheduled delivery date and give us the complete details of the recipient like address, contacts etc. and we shall do the needful.

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